First things first, my name isn’t actually Gilly. It’s Zarah. Gilly is a nickname my husband gave me a long, long time ago, and since then he has called me by that name almost exclusively (unless he’s in serious mood/is mad at me.) The nickname came about because of my middle name, which is Abigail. I know, I know…At this point in time, its a true wonder if anyone who is anyone actually knows what to call me these days. I do know all my names by heart, so you can call me either one of the three and most likely I’ll respond.

Anywhoo, I created this blog because ever since that dreaded Quarantine started back in February/March, I’ve had a loooot of free time to get reacquainted with sewing. I actually taught myself how to sew a few years back, but I haven’t really sewn much until recently. With the passing of these few long months, it seems as if I’ve literally sewn myself onto my machine. I can’t stop sewing. Seriously.

This blog will feature the collection of all my sewing adventures, from the beginning of lock down to wherever I happen to currently be at this stage of life. Since then, I feel like I’ve made some leaps and bounds with my skills, and I’ve learned a whole lot about sewing, and I’m continuing to learn so much! It’s great, really. I do hope you enjoy reading about my journey as much as I have enjoyed (and still am enjoying!) going through it.

God Bless,