Life Beyond Sewing

A Non-Sewing Post

Hi friends!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been having sewing/blogging withdrawal ever since a few weeks ago when “Summer” started for us here in SoCal. To be totally transparent, sewing has not been a desirable option for me because the past couple weeks have been:

a) HOT: I’m talking like extremely muggy, 100+ degrees hot–and I don’t have air conditioning, so it’s definitely not the kind of weather that makes you want to sit at a sewing machine and sew for a few hours, that’s for sure!

b) BUSY: The hubs and I have been toying with the idea to do some renovations in our house for a while now, so lately we’ve been busy putting in the plans to finally get some of that renovation started. Our first big project involves a major update on our kitchen, which I’m excited about. So because of that my mind has been totally preoccupied with kitchen-this and kitchen-that…

c) STRESSFUL: I dunno about y’all, but this whole Distance Learning thing is giving me all kinds of anxiety that I never had before. I mean, we are managing, thank God, but seriously, I just can’t wait to get back to our old “normal.” Our school district is getting things ready for Hybrid Learning (in class/at home learning) and I’m honestly feeling that it’s something my family can handle, although I am feeling the worry and trepidation at the same time. We’ll see how it goes…

Those are the reasons why I have been off the sewing grid lately. I’ve really missed it though, so I’m going to try and get some projects in soon…

I realize also that while I miss sewing, I also just miss blogging in general. I used to blog a whole lot, but it seems that blogging is no longer the “cool thing” to do….right?? Please someone, correct me if I’m wrong. But seriously though, I don’t think blogging is very popular anymore now when we’ve got a whole slew of other social media dominating (and documenting) our whole existence. And besides, who even reads anymore? (besides me, I mean, because I loooove reading!)

Anyway, since I’ve been missing blogging, and also because I really feel the need to have some kind of record of this strange, monumental time in our lives, I’ve decided to revive my old blog: Simply Z. In it you’ll find all the other happenings of my life apart from sewing. Feel free to visit me there, as well as here. I put a link up on my top menu.

I’ll be back, hopefully soon! My sewing machine has been giving me too much of a guilt trip that I have to do some damage control.

See you soon, lovelies!


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