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Welcome to My Sewing Blog!

Hello! First off, I’m really glad you made it here. Thank you for taking an interest in hearing all about my journey through sewing. I know for some of you, sewing may not be the most exciting, thrilling, adrenaline-inducing hobby out there. Or maybe it is. I can definitely attest to feeling the thrill and excitement and pride and accomplishment of knowing I produced something with my own hands. On the other hand, sewing can also be very calming and relaxing; a great way to get into that zen-like vibe.

Also, sewing is just hands down fun.

So through this blog series, I hope I can somehow: a) convince you that sewing is a great hobby and an even greater life skill to acquire, b) inspire you to take up your own interest in sewing, and c) for both beginner sewers (like me!) and sewing aficionados alike, I hope I can be both an encouragement and a helpful source of information to you all.

Y’all take care now, and Happy Sewing!

**Ahem..uhh, full disclosure here: Just so you know, I am definitely not by any means a sewing expert. I am completely self-taught, and still have lots to learn when it comes to sewing in general. If and when I ever post a tutorial or something of the like, I will definitely try my best to be thorough and clear on directions, but I will admit that there may be times where you’re left feeling dazed and confused with my…unorthodox methods.

Just sayin’.

When I’m not blogging about sewing, I like to blog about other things in life too! Come visit me on my “Life Beyond Sewing” blog:

Simply Z

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