One Year of Quarantine Sewing

Hi everyone!

How y’all doin’? Today marks a special day, and I just thought I would post about the fact that I am celebrating one full year of Quarantine Sewing!

I can’t believe I’ve come full circle and I’ve managed to keep up my sewing hobby for a year now. I guess you can call this my first “Quaranversary” haha! Actually, that sounds very cheesy, so never mind, let’s not call it that. Anyhoo, have any you managed to keep up with your Quarantine Hobby? If so, what did you take up last year?

How sewing makes me feel

I dunno whether 2020 went by fast or slow for me. All I know is that March 2020 was around the time the pandemic really started creeping into mine and my family’s life . My boys’ schools closed down, I had gone to Disneyland to celebrate my sister’s upcoming wedding and had been home just days before the park decided to close (her wedding was supposed to have happened that April), I started becoming really stressed and scared out of my mind at having my husband, who is a mental health care worker, go to his job everyday and risk catching COVID himself, or else bringing it home to me and our sons. We were running out of “essentials” pretty quickly and felt the complete unease that so many of us have felt during that initial phase when we were unsure how we were going to get through the coming days ahead. I had felt a genuine sorrow at having to social-distance from my family, who I am very close to.

As the months crawled by, being in isolation really took a toll on my family. Like so many others, we all tried different means of coping. I happened to choose sewing as my “quarantine hobby” and it opened up a passion in me that has truly helped keep my sanity in check throughout the year as we all struggled with being in Quarantine. I had been sewing on and off for years before COVID, but 2020 has definitely been my “Year of Sewing!”

I wasn’t working, so I had plenty of time to keep busy at home, but a lot of that time was spent focusing on my household, taking care of all my sons’ and husband’s needs, etc. Sewing became my safe haven, a place where I could let go of the worry and stress and just focus on ME. I liked how sewing kept my mind active, and it helped curb the temptation of just sitting around worrying about getting sick, feeling anxious about not having enough provisions in our house, or else just feeling bored out of my mind and thinking I was going to go crazy from being stuck in the house with nowhere to go!

I think I’ve done pretty well for myself sewing throughout this year. Since March 2020 up to now, I’ve managed to sew up lots of things in my house: curtains for my windows, pot holders and aprons for my kitchen, several dresses and items of clothing….what felt like a gazillion MASKS…And every now and then I find little things around my house that need sewing repairs or alterations.

All in all, sewing helped keep me sane during 2020! My sewing journey thus far has taken me on some really exciting paths, and I thought I would share some of that with you with some Q&A’s about myself and my current experience being in the Sewing World. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know just a little bit more about me as a sewist. If you are also a fellow sew-sister or brother, I would genuinely love to hear about you as well! Feel free to copy and paste all the questions below and make a “20 Questions: Sewing Edition” post about yourself! Don’t forget to tag or give me a shout-out so I can be sure to visit you and read all about your own sewing journey!

20 Questions: Sewing Edition

  1. When did you first start sewing?
  2. What inspired you to learn how to sew?
  3. How did you learn to sew? Did you take lessons? Self-taught?
  4. Do you use patterns or your imagination?
  5. Where do you draw sewing inspiration from?
  6. Where do you get your sewing supplies?
  7. What is the first thing you’ve ever sewn?
  8. What is your favorite thing to sew?
  9. What was the least favorite thing you’ve sewn?
  10. Best sewing experience?
  11. Worst sewing experience?
  12. Do you have a sew space?
  13. What sewing machine do you use?
  14. Favorite fabric to sew with?
  15. Least favorite fabric to sew with?
  16. What motivates you to sew?
  17. How do you set the mood for sewing?
  18. What is the most useful tool in your sewing basket?
  19. Best tip you’ve learned about sewing?
  20. Any advice for beginner sewists?

Sew long and sew on,

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