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NEWLOOK 6438: Drop Sleeve Wrap Top


I took a little break from dress sewing and decided to sew a new top. You may think that because I mainly sew dresses that I wear them all the time, but the truth is, I’m really more of a casual, comfy-cozy kind of dresser, especially since the pandemic started. For the most part, if you ran into me on a regular day, you would find me in good ol’ fashioned jeans and t-shirt. And I absolutely lurrrrrrrv my leggings and pajamas!! I do try however, to “dress up” more often though, just because I’m getting tired of staying in all the time. I’m relishing the little bit of freedom we all have to actually go somewhere and hang out at the moment.

Anyhoo, I found this pattern for a drop sleeve wrap top and I thought it would be perfect for my Kaufman Nara Homespun piece that I bought in March. I knew I wanted to use this fabric for a kimono top. I love everything about the look, and I’m a sucker for 3/4 sleeves.

NEWLOOK 6438 & Kaufman: Sevenberry: Nara Homespun cotton in Clouds

This pattern is marked “easy” and it was, indeed, very easy to sew. The sad part was when I ran out of fabric for the tie belt. I just put in an order for more Nara fabric in a contrasting color and print, so when I get it and make the sash, I’ll update this post with photos. For now I’m using the top as a light cover up jacket.

I made my usual size according to the measurement chart, but it still ended up being a little too large. This is the first time I am using a NEWLOOK pattern, so I’ll have that to consider if I ever use another one from that company. My fit issues ended up in the sleeves. On me, the sleeves hang down in that drop sleeve style, and it is quite wide around my lower shoulder area. I have to adjust the top so that it hangs down flat on my shoulders, otherwise I look a little football linebacker-ish. (At least, that is how I feel when looking in the mirror.) But I think it only looks that way if I’m wearing it open. I tried tying a sash from a previous dress that I own around the top like how it looks in the pattern pictures, and the fit is much better. The sash cinches everything in and flattens the sleeves around the shoulder considerably, so it looks better on my body.

I also think my fabric choice has something to do with it. I used a woven cotton for this top. I think if I had used a drape-y fabric it would also hang much better. Oh well…

I’m still loving this top as a layering piece, so I’ll continue to use it as so.

I was baffled as to why my photos turned out so grainy! They looked fine on my phone, but when I uploaded them onto my computer, they turned out so ugly looking. I tried fixing them as much as I could, but considering I’m not a editing expert, this was the best I could do.

Anyways, I styled this top with a simple white tank top, some skinny jeans, and platform wedges. I didn’t think to accessorize, but some cute bangles or bracelets, or a long pendant necklace would look great with this outfit, I think.

Got nothin’ but LOVE for 3/4 sleeves!

Oh yah, notice anything different about me???? If you guessed “haircut” then you’re right! Don’t get me wrong, I love having long hair, but I just got so sick of it and I wanted a change. I’ve had my hair many different lengths over time, so it was no biggie for me to go dramatically short. My stylist was able to donate my hair to a reputable cause too, so I felt happy about that. I’m just glad that I’ll be saving so much more shampoo!

So as far as this sewing pattern goes, I like it, and I like the top I was able to make from it, but I’m not sure if I would make it again. Sizing and fit ended up being the negative culprit, here. If I did choose to make this top again, I would have to cut a smaller size, or grade down the arm area. I am at a loss as to how I can alter the shoulder and drop-sleeve on this top without de-constructing it for better fit. Any professional advice from advanced sewists? I’m all ears!

Directions for sewing were super easy to follow and execute. It was pretty much straight sewing with this one, and I had no problems whatsoever with the steps and illustrations on the directions sheet.

As far as looks go, I’ve always been a fan of kimono tops, so it was a no brainer that I would like the look of this one. After sewing it up, the top looks just like the picture. Again, I don’t have the sash sewn up yet, but when I used a mock-sash on it, the results were very similar to the photo. My favorite thing about this top is of course, the fabric and print. I love the deep indigo hue. It’s just beautiful!

Overall Spool Rating for the NEWLOOK 6438: 🧵🧵🧵🧵

Would you make this? Have a great day and God bless!


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