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When You Need a Break From Sewing: eShakti Dress Review

Hi! I hope you don’t mind another non-sewing post on this blog. I love being able to sew my own clothes, but I also still like the fact that I can find some really cute clothes to buy already made and ready to wear!

Such is the case with this dress that I bought from If you haven’t heard about this company already, eShakti is a website where you can buy women’s dresses that are either ready to wear, or customized to your personal fit and style. They have a pretty large collection of dresses in many different styles and prints and I believe there is something for everyone if you are willing to browse.

What happens is when you find and choose a style you like, you can purchase it as is, or if you choose to customize it (a fee is charged for this option) then you are given a choice to make changes to the neckline, sleeves, and dress length. Bear in mind that not all dresses have every customization available, but most do. Luckily, if that isn’t enough, you can also customize your dress even further with more specific personal measurements such as shoulder length, waist width, hip width, bust size, etc.

As far as cost for their clothing goes, I think that eShakti is, overall, reasonably priced. The customization fee brings the cost up considerably, but given that it is tailored to your measurements, it’s understandable.

As far as reviews go, eShakti has its fair share of positive and negative reviews. I won’t sit here and relay a whole post about them because it’s not the point of me sharing today. But as usual, my advice is to take your time to read any and all reviews you can about them and make an informed decision for yourself. I had a very positive review myself, but it is only based on one dress so far, so don’t take my word completely for it.

So anyway, that’s a little starter intro to the company. Back to the focus of my post,which is the dress. This was the one that I got:

I actually bought this a really long time ago (years back!) and as I was purging my closet one day I realized I had forgotten all about it! When I look at this dress, I see that it’s very much in-line with the current fashion trend right now. It’s got that whole Cottagecore vibe going on with the puff-sleeves and ruffles and prairie dress length.

I remember I did end up customizing this one. I opted for a shorter mid-length skirt, and shorter sleeves. I left the neckline in tact. I also recall shipping time and delivery to be a little long, but I’m used to that sort of thing so it didn’t bother me too much.

Back then, when I tried it on for the first time, everything looked good. When I went to try it on again, a couple years later, I was nervous because I knew I had put on some “Pandemic Pounds” over the past year and I had not seen nor tried on this dress again for quite some time. But—whew! sigh of relief—it did still fit. Yay, me!

I was quite pleased that they truly customized the length of the dress to fit my short height perfectly. It fit nicely everywhere else too. The dress seemed neat and well-made. There were no loose threads showing, weird seams, or uneven hems. The faux buttons on the front and the ruffle around the neck and waist is really cute.

And of course, the plaid print and colors! You know I can’t resist a purple dress.

If there are any negatives to this dress, the only thing I ended up not liking too much was the elastic in the ruffle of the puff-sleeve. I thought it was too tight and I was constantly pulling them down my arms because they would ride up every time my arm moved up.

The too-tight elastic cuff is a little annoying, tbh

But other than that, I was really pleased with eShakti and would definitely order from them again.

I’ve already bookmarked about 20 more dresses I’d like to order from eShakti. Have you ever bought anything from there before? Would you buy something from them?


6 thoughts on “When You Need a Break From Sewing: eShakti Dress Review

  1. I took your advice and looked through the on-line catalog in a bit more detail! I’m partial to the A-line style, but also the Shirtdress style – Dragonfly embroidery cotton poplin shift shirtdress. They don’t have a defined waistline either, which (for me) is a good thing. LOL! I’ll definitely have to spend more time there and build a list! Maybe even get on their mailing list! (And I’m starting to look at shapewear, as you suggested.) I wish I had unlimited funds and unlimited places to wear these lovely things! But capris and leggings are perfect for just about everything I do since I’m retired! Thanks for the suggestions…will keep you advised if I buy something from the website!

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    1. Leggings are Life, lol! I really like Shapermint brand. I also prefer loose, billowy clothing with an undefined waistline just so I can use the excuse to eat more, haha! please do keep us updated if you get anything from eShakti, so we can ooh-and-ahh over your purchases! 😉


  2. Hi,

    First – about non-sewing posts: no problem for me. All your posts are interesting in their own way. So, post – whatever you wish, whenever you can!

    Second – the eShackti site is very interesting. Thanks! I even found a dress I really like: Floral print cotton A-line dress! Don’t need a new dress right now…but I’ll definitely keep them in mind because of the customization feature!

    Third – that new dress fits you perfectly, and you look fabulous! With my own less-than-perfect figure, I could only hope that I’d look half as good as you!

    Stay safe…


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    1. You are the sweetest, thank you for those kind words, Mandy!

      EShakti has been around for a long time and have always been ahead of the game with their customization features. I couldn’t imagine anyone saying they can’t find at least one thing they like.

      Ooh, A-line is always a great choice. It tends to be flattering on a lot of different body types. And I’ll always support anything floral print, hehe.

      And one more thing—full disclosure here. Anyone can make their figure “work” when you invest in some good shapewear. Seriously. Spanx, Shapermint, Honeylove, etc., are game changers! Whenever I have to wear any kind of clothing that cinches the waist, you better believe I’m going to be all squeezed in, nice and tight in my Spanx! 😆😉


    2. Oh, I forgot to mention that even though you may not need a dress now, keep on browsing and make a wishlist of all the items you like. They do tend to sell out fast, but eShakti has really good deals every now and then. I just got a surprise $30 off coupon in my email for visiting after a long while 😉


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