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The Woos & Woes of Sewing, Part 2: “Sewing Woes”

Hi there! I’m continuing my duo post with part 2 of “The Woos & Woes of Sewing.” If you missed part 1, you can read all about The Woos of Sewing and my “Home Sewing Is Easy” dress right here.

Today’s post will focus on her sister, the “Sewing Woes” Dress.

When I first purchased the HSIE fabric and came across “Sewing Woes,” I knew I just had to get both. Alexander Henry fabrics are a perfect solution to help fuel my New Year Resolution to use more interesting prints in my sewing projects. How awesome (and so perfect for sewists!) is this print?

(Tap/click/zoom in on images to enlarge)

As you can see, when it comes to sewing, while there is indeed much joy (Woos!) to be found in it, you will undoubtedly be met with certain “Woe” moments as well. As for me, some of my Top Sewing Woes include:

  • When my bobbin runs out of thread and I haven’t realized it until I’ve finished stitching
  • Unclear/difficult/head-scratching sewing directions
  • Being pricked by pins (several times, ALL THE TIME!!)
  • Having to pull stitches out when I’ve made a mistake
  • Still being confused about pattern grading

Like the Lulu I made for the HSIE print, I needed another dress pattern that was simple in silhouette and style so that the print would stand out. I had the Simplicity 2444 sitting in my stash unopened for months and months and thought it would work great.

Project Runway was one of my favorite fashion shows, so of course I had to have this pattern for my collection

When I ordered yardage for Sewing Woes, I had expected it to be the same size as the HSIE, but its actually printed in a smaller scale. I ended up appreciating this in the end because I think it went well with the S2444.

I really enjoyed sewing this pattern. I didn’t add any of the extra details such as the stand collar, lapels, or the bow tie, so it was a pleasantly simple and relaxing dress to make. The only “woe” I experienced was trying to pattern match the front and back pieces of the bodice and the skirt.

For some reason, I had to cut the front skirt panel as two pieces. I didn’t want unnecessary pattern matching to deal with so I intended to cut it as one piece on the fold. However, since my print is directional and only 44” wide, the pattern piece was too big to fit on the fold so I ended up having to cut 2 pieces after all. I tried to match the edges as best I could, but started getting frustrated after a few tries when it wasn’t “perfect enough.” I did NOT want to make this a stressful sew, so I forced myself to let it go and just let it be. It’s fine, really, because you don’t even see the seam with the pleat placement anyway.

Front center seam of the skirt

Trying to pattern match the back was even more frustrating, but it is what it is. Can’t win ‘em all!

The back of the dress consisted of 4 separate back and skirt pattern pieces , plus a back zipper. Kind of a pattern matching nightmare if you ask me…

It was my first time doing a pleated skirt. I loved the finished look and want to do more pleating in the future.

I did my usual shortening and hemming with the length of the skirt and opted for the 3/4 sleeves. I do notice a little bit of gaping in the neckline, but it’s not so bothersome that I feel the need to alter any time soon. All in all, I’m quite happy with the finished results. I finished the dress in surprisingly little time—a few hours, give or take! Definitely a Sewing Woo for me!

Next to the print, pockets are my favorite part of the dress, naturally!

Im seriously loving what pleats do for a skirt! As you can see, my belt rides up my waist a little bit so I plan to sew in some belt tabs.

I wore my petticoat underneath for photo purposes only so you can see maximum fluffiness in the skirt. However, you definitely don’t need one!

And here she is, next to her sister dress. I love how they share the similarity in print and theme, but are so different and unique in their own way. Just like real sisters! They make quite a duo, don’t you think?

I had so much fun with Alexander Henry fabric. I can’t say enough how much I love these sewing prints! I have to say, I’m proud of myself for continuing to keep up with my sewing journey thus far. I really feel like I found my creative outlet and I hope that I can keep on sewing for a very long time. And as always, thank you for reading and following the journey with me! 💗


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