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Another Vogue 9253


I’ve been a little behind on posting, but I’ve got a quick write up on my latest sew: the lovely Vogue 9253, aka “v9253”, “v1735”, “the one with the really deep v.” (If you’re interested, you can view my other Vogues here.)

I decided to make another one because a) I’ve had this really lovely Art Gallery rayon sitting in my fabric stash for so long, and was just begging to be made into something beautiful, and b) I was working on another dress earlier (what I decided would be my Easter dress this year), but it got put into the Naughty Pile to be worked on at a later time. Future post to be announced…

Anywhoo, here is my fabric:

It’s so pretty, isn’t it? I love the florals and the silky feel of the fabric itself. As usual with rayon, it tends to have a mind of its own and likes to rebel. I used lots of pins and patience when cutting and sewing. But the final outcome is worth the trouble when you know you’ve made something good.

I have both the original issue of the pattern, as well as the reissued V1735 because I cut my original to a size small, and ended up wanting to sew a medium for this one. Pattern pieces and directions are the same for each version. I did my usual modifications: I made a separate, removable sash, shortened the sleeves (a little too short this time due to a measuring error on my part) and slip stitched the v-neck closed because even three dresses in, I’m still not bold enough to go that low.

If left as is, my v-neck would start down at my sash. Yah…no.

Now that it’s March already, I guess you can call this dress my first official Spring 2022 make. Since I already have an Easter dress in the works, I’ll probably wear this for Mother’s Day. Or date night with the Hubs. Or when I just want to feel pretty.



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