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A Very Darling Darling Ranges Blouse

Being someone who is often last to jump onto the bandwagon of trends, as well as always seeming to be the “last to know” everything, I only just found out that September is National Sewing Month. I’ve figured it out when I’ve been seeing so many lovely sews on IG lately marked with #sewseptember, #septembersews, #nationalsewingmonth, etc.

Luckily for me, it just so happens that I’ve gotten a head start for myself already! I have been sewing quite a bit ever since the end of August. I finished around 4 garments so far, and actually have posts all ready to publish, but haven’t done so yet due to several undisclosed reasons (will explain more when said posts go live) but mostly because the weather has been so miserably hot and humid that I haven’t been in any mood whatsoever to model my makes! BTW, how have you all been doing with the extreme weather this past week? Hope you are all well and healthy, and most of all staying COOL!

Well, today is certainly hot and muggy (Again!! Uggh!!), but not so bad that I couldn’t get a couple photos in of my latest sew. I’ve recently acquired the Darling Ranges Dress pattern by Megan Nielsen. I have already sewn the dress version and have a post ready with all the pattern info and sewing details that I will get to publishing very soon, so I won’t get into too many details about it in this post. I will say however that the blouse was just as fun and even more simple to make than the dress was. It came together very quickly and is such a simple, straight silhouette (no darts) but still has plenty of charm with the v-neck and button-down front.

As far as sizing goes, I made my usual. But this time around–and it could be the fabric, or maybe the way the blouse hangs–it seemed just a tiny bit snug around the bust. Funny, because I did not have this problem when I made the dress version. It’s not a huge deal. For this blouse, I did end up sewing a tack stitch near the top of the v-neck because it gaped a little bit and would not sit flat. (Further evidence that the bust is a little tight). Since the stitch is permanent, it means I would have to pull the blouse over my head to put it on instead of unbuttoning it. Not a problem, as the opening is big enough. The only other thing I did for fit was to shorten the length about an inch.

I forgot to talk about fabric! I used a cotton woven I found through Ruby Star Society. It’s from the Smol Collection by Kimberly Kight. Definitely not stretchy, but for sure feels more on the softer side for a quilting cotton. Its very comfortable to wear. Aren’t my flower buttons so adorable? I found them on Etsy.

Outfit Details: Blouse: handmade // Jeans: Gap Highwaisted Flares // Shoes: B.O.C. Gia clogs

I really love the Darling Ranges pattern! I would definitely use it again and again for future sews. And I’m glad I finally got to showcase at least one of my makes to kick off National Sewing Month! Fellow sewists, what are you all making this September?


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