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Ruffles! Tiers! Linen! Oh My!

I have a confession. I kinda have this love affair with tiers and ruffles. There’s just something about them that, when worn, makes you feel youthful, feminine, romantic, a little playful, a little flirty... L-R: DVF Fall Ready-To-Wear 2018 || Molly Goddard Spring/Summer 2020 Oh my goodness, I die for these two gowns!! L-R: Marchesa… Continue reading Ruffles! Tiers! Linen! Oh My!

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Blast From the Past: 70’s Kimono Dress (Vogue #9253)

If I could go back in time to any era for fashion, it would definitely be the 70s. Gosh, I love a good bell sleeve. (or a good bell bottom!) There's a whole spectrum of fashion in the seventies to love. On one end you get all the floaty, airy, drape-y, dreamy flutter sleeves, balloon… Continue reading Blast From the Past: 70’s Kimono Dress (Vogue #9253)

Sew Around the House

Sew Around the House: Donut Potholder

I just love donuts, don’t you? I apologize for being MIA lately. There are a lot of things that have been competing with my sewing time. Besides being a budding sewist, I‘ve been juggling lots of daily priorities: wife and mom duties (totally dreading Back to School...Distance Learning...uggh...), tackling some home improvement projects (major renovations… Continue reading Sew Around the House: Donut Potholder