Sew Over Quarantine!


To start things off, it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged. YEARS actually, since I’ve even signed in to WordPress and used the site. It feels…foreign, to say the least. My mind literally went blank when I saw all the tools for posting. I totally forgot all the “how-to’s” and how to use my particular set-up and theme for editing. Oh well, I’ll figure it out again as I go. One thing I can’t wait to do later is just go over this and my former blog, and see all the past posts I’ve written over the years. That’ll be fun. I think

Anywhoo, my reason for posting after years of neglect was because, for the past few months, I, or we, I should say, have all been currently living in this little bubble called Quarantine. Now, I won’t even begin to get into the details of what quarantine means, what Coronavirus is, and duh, duh, duh, because DUH! We all know what it is already, and we’ve all been trying to adjust the best we can to this horrible-bizarre-just-outright-weirdly-INSANE block of time. And I think I can safely say that all of us are sick and tired (but not literally, I hope and pray!) of being stuck at home and not feeling “normal.” I know I am sooooo over it. And that’s coming from me, the Legit Introvert (Holla!). And you know that when a home-y homie says they’re tired of being isolated and wants to get out with the crowds, then it is some serious stuff.

However, I can’t say that Quarantine has been all horrible. I won’t deny that there was good that came with being stuck at home. I’m sure you all have some good stories and experiences you can name…Just one, at least?

One good experience for me was that I’ve re-discovered my love for my sewing machine. For real. My sewing machine has become somewhat of a saving grace from all the long (looong) hours spent at home, with nowhere to go. I’ve been sewing up a storm since March! Not very many projects, mind you. It started, naturally, with masks. Well, I lie. It actually started with digging out every one of my family’s jeans and pants that needed to be hemmed and tackling those first. Then came the masks. Then I decided to make more cute vintage aprons. Then I had the thought that since my sewing skills were getting more and more refined, I decided to take on more sophisticated projects: Clothing.

I’ll do a little bragging here and say that I am quite proud of myself for getting over the overwhelming moments of learning patterns, sewing techniques, sewing jargon, etc., because for the longest time, I was just sitting comfortable, gathering and storing all the helpful sewing information and tips–but not taking the time to really sit down and read/learn them all. The blessing that came with Quarantine was that I now had ample time to sit and learn everything I managed to gather about sewing and essentially, just do it.

So that’s what I did. These past few months, my brain has been busy absorbing all the sewing info/tips/tricks I can find, and my trusty sewing machine has been working it’s little tail off. I’ll get into all the details in the upcoming posts. I just wanted to start things off with how I even got to this point in the first place. What have you all been doing to pass the time in Quarantine?

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

(Air) xoxo,


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