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Lovely Loungewear

Hi all!

So, I’ll get right into it: I am in a bit of a dress rut. If you follow my blog, you know that dresses are my favorite thing to sew. Maybe I’m running low on steam. Maybe I’m uninspired. Maybe it’s my Easter dress staring daggers at me from the “Naughty Pile” ever since I stopped production on it due to sewing frustration. I do hate unfinished projects, but…I dunno.

What I DO know is that I’ve been taking steps to get myself back in shape, and really working on getting healthy physically, mentally, and of course, spritually. I think because of that, along with exercising my body, mind and heart, I also just want to take moments everyday to simply chill and have complete freedom to do…well, I guess nothing, really! Nah, not nothing. I’m talking about relaxing with a cup of coffee and my iPad, watching movies on the couch, reading a good book….those kind of “nothing” moments where I’m not constantly on the move to get my kids ready for school, prepare meals, do laundry, clean, take care of Hubby, or else mentally keeping tabs on who needs what, what needs to be done, what bills need to be paid, etc….

You get it.

Now, while I love sewing and wearing dresses often, you just can’t beat a simple shirt and pants combo when it comes to comfortable clothing. It’s crazy how jeans and a t-shirt used to be (or maybe still is for some people) the choice combo for relaxing after a hard day’s work. But even jeans nowadays don’t seem to cut it. I certainly categorize all my jeans as “get-out-of-the-house” clothes now!

Loungewear, however, has since gained popularity ever since Covid started and is still going strong in the current fashion world now. Everyone just wants to feel comfortable. And why not? it’s not only easy to wear, but it’s versatile too. Gone are the days where loungewear was only meant to be worn in your house. Many creative minds have managed to make loungewear work outdoors, and some have even created chic, work appropriate outfits out of pajamas! Quite an impressive and convenient feat to me!

I have a few purchased loungewear pieces and sets in my wardrobe that are in constant rotation in my daily life. However, I’ve been looking at a few sewing patterns and found that there are many nice ones out there. What I really wanted to make was a soft, loose, airy loungewear set, so that’s the type of pattern I zoned in on.

The sets above are both lovely and exactly what I was looking for (click/tap on image or caption for direct source links.). However, upon closer inspection, I realized that I already have similar patterns for the top and bottoms in my stash already. To make my top, I used my Hemlock Tee by Grainline Studios, and for the bottoms, I took from my favorite PJ pattern, the B6296 (now out of print, unfortunately, but could probably be found for purchase elsewhere via google search). For fabric, I already had previously purchased yardage of this beautiful Kaufman Sevenberry Nara Homespun cotton that was fully intended for a dress, but that obviously wasn’t happening now due to my dressmaking dilemma.

This set was such a relaxing and quick sew for me, which is awesome. I was in the zone, so I didn’t really capture many photos while sewing, but here are a few:

Here is a close up of the print. Isn’t is so beautiful? I made a little kimono wrap top a while back using the same fabric. I just realized I can mix it in with this set as well. It’s weird because this top has a neck facing, which I cut out and got ready for use, but when I was pinning it to my neckline, it ended up being way too short. I was baffled because I had already made this top before, so why would anything be different?? I don’t think I stretched out my neckline while maneuvering it during sewing. Anyhow, I ended up not using the facing and instead used bias tape to bind the neck. It worked out perfectly in the end.

This tee has dropped sleeves, and I added a narrow cuff to the end, just to give it a tiny bit more visual interest. I’m cringing as I remember the first time I made a Hemlock tee a long time ago and had so much trouble with it because I was a newbie seamstress at the time and didn’t quite get the value of finishing hems properly (post here). This time around, I was able to breeze through construction and finished in virtually no time.

These pants are just classic pajama bottoms. Perfect for sleeping and lounging, and I think I can get away with using them outside because of the print.

Close up of the front pocket. They are quite deep too, so definitely useful!

The original pattern has cuffs on the bottom of the pants, so I just eliminated that part. It also makes them capri length, which is what I wanted. I gave it a generous hem at the bottoms.

And here is my complete set! I have a thing with cropped tops–that being that I don’t like them–so I went with a more classic length. I love that the fabric is cotton, yet it feels like and behaves a bit like linen, so the drape is perfect. The pants are generously roomy. I’m not sure if they are too roomy, but again, it’s loungewear, so I’m forgiving. With that said, they are sooooo comfy!

you can definitely jump around and still feel comfy cozy. Plus!

I absolutely love my new loungewear set! The weather is getting warmer here, so it will come in handy in the upcoming seasons. I think I can carry this off wearing it outdoors. What do you think? Pair it up with some sandals, and even some wedge heels to dress it up even more…

No telling when I will find inspiration to make dresses again, but this was fun sewing nonetheless. I don’t believe my dress rut will last very long though–I love them too much.



8 thoughts on “Lovely Loungewear

  1. To sit and do nothing. I get that! My husband and son went camping this week and the first night they were gone, I watched a movie! From beginning to end, no interruptions! (I love them, but a movie is a big block of time…)

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  2. Hi
    Beautiful do you doing work. Good job work. Nice share you your daily routine work. Awesome loungewear sew. So beautiful cotton fabric. Very nice looking dress. I like. 🙏

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